Q & A
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    *Requires a minimum of RMB 150,000 Monthly Combined Balances to qualify as a Citi Priority customer.

  • Your Monthly Combined Balances is calculated based on the criteria below:

    The average daily balance within the month is calculated as the sum of the cumulative balance under the same customer number, including daily deposits, investments and selected insurance products* of all individual and joint account within the month, divided by the actual number of days. The selected insurance products include investment linked insurance and non-investment linked insurance products.

    *The cumulative balance of non-investment linked insurance products is the paid premium; the cumulative balance for investment linked insurance product is equivalent foreign currency to the monthly balance of the holding-policy.

  • If you are new to Citibank Online, you will first need to create your online user ID, password and security questions. You can do so in 5 easy steps!

    • Step One    : Choose your registration account type.
    • Step Two    : Read Citibank Online Services Terms & Conditions.
    • Step Three : Fill in your registration information.
    • Step Four   : Input your OTP.
    • Step Five   : Set up your online user ID and password.
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