Wealth Advisory

The Gold Conversation

Citigold aspires to be your best financial partner, through the Gold Conversation aided by our financial planning tools and world-class research and market insights, we strive to help achieve and protect what matters most to you.

To find out more, you can call Citibank 24-Hour Service Hotline 400-821-1880 or 800-830-1880 (For land lines within mainland China).

The Gold Conversation
Market conditions as well as your own financial circumstances may change over time. Your Citigold Relationship Manager can help review and align your investment portfolio to keep you on track to meet your goals.

Citigold Financial Planning
To determine the right investment portfolio for you, your Relationship Manager will have an in depth conversation to understand your current financial position, goals and needs. They will also assist in monitoring and fine-tuning your investments, increasing your ability to achieve your goals through regular portfolio reviews.

Citigold Market Insights
To better inform your investment decisions, Citigold leverages our award winning Citigroup analysts to bring you in-depth global market insights on a regular basis and get answers to your questions at our exclusive Wealth Management Forum and in-branch seminars.