Citibank Debit Card

Important Advisory on
Citi’s Consumer Banking Business in China

Important Advisory on Citi’s Consumer Banking Business in China.

Enjoy exclusive privileges with a Citi Debit Card.

Citi Debit Cards act as both an ATM debit card and a flexible payment option for global travelers. Whatever cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, fund transfer, or purchases, Citi Debit Card brings you the most convenient and flexible payment experience, together with exclusive global privileges. Call our hotline to apply for a debit card today.

  • Fee waiver for all transactions on domestic and overseas ATMs.
  • Convenient online banking and ATM services.
  • Easy payment on internet and mobile with Citi ePay.
  • Fee waiver for ATM services
    No matter overseas or domestic, interbank or intrabank, you can enjoy fee waiver for cash withdrawal and balance enquiry with Citibank Debit Card on any ATMs of China UnionPay. It is also easy for you to withdraw local currency without any fee charge on overseas ATMs*.
    Fee waiver covers over 1.4million China UnionPay ATMs all over the world. Domestic accumulated daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is RMB 20,000, and overseas accumulated daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is RMB 10,000 equivalent foreign currency.
    * All service charges on overseas ATM withdrawal and enquiry will be waived till 31 December, 2021. Extra charges made by some overseas ATMs on top of Citibank and China Union Pay networks still apply. Please refer to the notice on the ATM.This waiver is not applicable to Basic Banking Account customers, effective from June 6th, 2016.
    Details please refer to the Fee Table:
    Click Here.
  • More convenience, all in Citi ePay
    At present, Citi ePay includes mobile banking services and various services provided by accessing UnionPay Online Payment platform. This greatly broadens the channel of using debit card.
  • Travel globally with Citibank Debit Card
    • Domestic offerings: Citibank China Debit Card will present monthly domestic merchant offering, details please check Click Here
    • CUP network: You can use Citibank Debit Card in over 13 million CUP merchants all over the world. (For more details, please visit
    • Global Privileges: You can also enjoy exclusive Citi World Privilege, for details, please visit Click Here
      * Current participation countries/areas: China, Russia, Guam, Taiwan China, Czech Republic, Singapore, France, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Spain, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong China, Malaysia, and this offering only applies to the merchants that accept CUP cards.

For fee table, please check :Click Here.

• Citibank (China) Debit Card is acceptable under China UnionPay network except for Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Burma (Myanmar), North Korea, Syria.
• Fees and rates can be revised at any time based on market conditions or at Citibank's discretion.
• Debit Card shall be used for lawful transactions only. Card Issuer will not allow the Debit Card to be used for any transaction that is in violation of any laws of any jurisdiction.
• If the Citibank China Debit Card is not accepted by or acknowledged by any designated commercial venues, banks or financial institutions for any reason, Card Holder shall not ask Card Issuer to take any responsibility under any circumstance, and Card Holder will not therefore claim against Card Issuer.