Premium Account

Seizing the oppotunity to enjoy the foreign curriencies

Seizing the oppotunity to enjoy the foreign curriencies

Premium Account is an investment product with foreign exchange option, which is composed by foreign currency time deposit and foreign exchange option.

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Target Customer

When investing in a Premium Account, timing, choice of currencies and your personal investment preference are crucial. You may find a Citibank Premium Account suitable for you under the following circumstances:

  • You wish to receive a higher potential interest rate as compared to a traditional time deposit and you are comfortable holding either the base or the alternate currency.
  • You are waiting to buy another currency for investment, diversification, business or are planning to send your children overseas. You can earn a higher potential interest rate as compared to a traditional time deposit while waiting to buy the alternate currency at your preferred Strike Price.
  • You are holding the view that your base currency will weaken further.In view of that, the higher interest rate earned may buffer you against adverse foreign exchange movements and you are likely to have a higher chance of receiving your principal and interest back in your base currency that is weakening.

In the meantime, you may need to aware that Premium Account is an investment product and the returns may vary. The product is subject to a number of risks. Before you open a Premium Account, Citibank will help you fully understand your investment goal and risk tolerance level through an individual risk profiling. Based on the result, you can work out an appropriate investment plan with your relationship manager.


Advantages of Premium Account:

  • An opportunity to earn potentially higher interest than a time deposit of the same tenure;
  • A wide selection of currencies;
  • Flexible tenures that cater to your specific needs;
  • An opportunity to diversify into a second currency of your choice at your pre-agreed rate.

Upon opening a Premium Account, the investor needs to decide the investment amount of the base currency (the currency he/she is holding for the time being), investment tenure and another foreign currency as alternate currency for the option sold to the bank and a predetermined exchange rate. Upon maturity, the bank will decide whether to pay the investor in base currency or to convert into the alternate currency at predetermined exchange rate.
Risk Class requirement for PA is level 2.
Foreign Exchange Trinity
Note: Premium Account is not a regular deposit and subject to investment risk including possible loss of the principle amount invested. Customer should fully acknowledge the investment risk and act prudently.


The following data are simulated data.
The following examples show the calculation of the potential investment returns on Premium Account. The hypothetical Spot Rates, Interest rate and Return shown in the following examples are only for illustrative purposes regarding structure mechanics for calculating the potential return of Premium Account. The levels / movement / trends shown have no reference to historical data and do not represent actual or future performance:

Base Currency: USD100, 000
Alternate Currency: AUD
Tenure: 1 month (31 days)
Strike Price: AUD/USD: 0.9600
(Assuming the current market for AUD/USD is 0.9700 and investor believes AUD/USD will appreciate to 0.9600 on Expiry Date)
USD 1-month tenure Time Deposit Rate (p.a.) 0.25%
Option Return Rate (p.a.) 7.75%
Total Investment Return Rate (p.a.) 8%
Transaction Date: Jan 04, 20XX
Value Date: Jan 06, 20XX
Expiry Date: Feb 04, 20XX
Maturity Date: Feb 06, 20XX

(The dates will be adjusted to a trading date if it comes across a non-trading date).

Scenario 1 Scenario 2
Expiry Date
1.0000 USD weaker
compared to Strike
Price of 0.9600
0.9400 USD stronger or
equal to compared to
Strike Price of 0.9600
Payout Currency Principal and Return
will be paid in USD
Principal and Return
will be paid in AUD
Principal + return
received upon maturity
USD100, 688.89
(= USD100, 000 +
USD100, 000 x 8.00% x
31 / 360)
AUD104, 884.26
(= USD 100, 688.89 / 0.9600)
If converted to USD at 0.9400,
the amount is equivalent to
98, 591.20 ( = AUD 104, 884.26 x
0.9400) which is less than the principal amount.


  • All listed examples do not take tax into consideration. The bank reserves the right to deduct any tax from the investor account(s) according to any China law, and/or any requests from the relevant tax authorities.
  • All interest rates and return rates listed in the hypothetical example are for illustrations only, and do not represent any of historical, actual and future performance.
  • Option return and Interest rate (p.a.) for GBP, SGP and HKD are calculated on 365-day yearly basis, all other currencies are calculated based on a 360-day convention.
  • The Premium Account or any part of it hereof shall not be withdrawn before the pre-determined maturity date.
How to Apply

Minimum investment amount: RMB 100,000 equivalent.
Investment tenure: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months.
Investment Currency: USD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF, SGD, HKD.
Note: For specific features, please refer to the related product sales documents.
* Product code in China Wealth Management Information Registration System: C1053103000001
* In principle, Premium Account is only provided to High Net Worth or Citigold Private Clients. Please refer to related sales documents for details.

Transaction Channels:
1.Visit Citibank branches and sub-branches
2.Call your relationship manager or treasury service officer (not applicable to new-to-PA customers)
For more details, please call Citibank 24-Hour Hotline at 400-821-1880 / 800-830-1880 (for land lines within mainland China) or +86-20-38801267 (for overseas).

This Product shall not be provided to a US person for purposes of US federal income tax, or a person acting for, or on behalf of, a US person, or a person with any of the address(es) registered with the Bank being a US address or any other person who fails to meet the Bank’s sales requirement.

Risk Disclosure

For more details, please refer to Premium Account Risk Disclosure Statement.