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Rates and Fees
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Other FAQ
  • What type of property is accepted by Citibank for mortgage loan application?
      Our bank accepts mortgage loan applications for purchasing second-hand properties as well as first hand properties.
  • How to conduct property transfer and mortgage, and when will the loan be disbursed?
      A dedicated Citibank Mortgage Specialist will provide professional service to guide you through any inquires you may have. We will disburse the funds as soon as the application is approved and upon receipt of related supporting documents.
  • How to repay the loan?
      We will open an automatic remittance Citibank account for your convenience.
  • How do I know my monthly installment?
    • If you already have mortgage loan in Citibank, please refer to the monthly installment in your bank statement or latest mortgage loan advice. You can also login to your E-Banking Account for the related information.
    • If you haven’t applied for mortgage loan in Citibank yet, please use the Mortgage Loan Calculator for simulation.
  • How do I know the Mortgage Loan benchmark rate?
  • What are the selection criteria of Real Estate Appraisal Institution for Citi?
    Real Estate Appraisal Institution accepted by our bank is based on the principle of unity, fairness and impartiality, conducted by non-credit decision making departments through bidding and internal approval. It is then included in the approved entry list. The performance of Real Estate Appraisal Institution will be reviewed annually.
    The Real Estate Appraisal Institution has to meet the following criteria:
    • The Real Estate Appraisal Institution must have the following qualification:
      - Business License approved by local government with related business scope
      - Level 1 appraiser license approved by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (MOHURD)
    • The Real Estate Appraisal Institution have no less than 15 certified real estate appraisers
    • The legal representative (or partner) of the Real Estate Appraisal Institution has the working experience of a certified real estate appraiser with no less than three years
    • The Real Estate Appraisal Institution has at least 6 years industry experience with no negative market reputation
  • How to determine the interest rate for my RMB loan?
    - Effective October 8th, 2019, RMB loan uses the new LPR to determine interest rate.
  • What is my RMB loan repricing tenor?
    - If your mortgage loan is priced on LPR, your repricing tenor will be one year. For more details, you can consult with our mortgage specialist.
Contact Us
    • Leave your contact information through Online Appointment, our mortgage specialist will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Download the Application Form, and contact our Mortgage Loan Specialists at Citibank 24-Hour Service Hotline 400-821-1880 / 800-830-1880 (For land lines within mainland China) for application details.
    • Visit us at any of our Citibank branches*.
      *Mortgage loan application is now available at all of our branches/sub-branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and Nanjing.
      • Mortgage Forms:
        - Mortgage Loan Application Form
        - Mortgage Loan Account Maintenance Form
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