Unsecured Personal Loan

Provides you easy access to funds to realize your dream earlier

Unsecured Personal Loan from Citi China

Unsecured Personal Loan (Credit Loan)

Citi Unsecured Personal Loan is a personal loan that does not require a collateral or guarantee.  You only need a few documents to apply and may use the unsecured personal loan as you see fit to achieve your goals in life. Apply for a personal loan today and enjoy an easy application process. Call our personal loan hotline and start realizing your dream sooner.

  • No Guarantor or Collateral Required
  • Sweet Citialert
  • Convenient Repayment
  • Fixed Interest Rate
  • Other Great Features
  • No Guarantor or Collateral Required
    You don't need to provide any collateral or guarantee, only some required documents in order to apply.
  • Sweet Citialert*
    We provide the Citialert SMS free to remind you about disbursement and payment.
    • * Now this service is only provided to mobile telecom carriers in China (Including CMCC, China Unicom, and China Tele).
  • Convenient Repayment*
    Customize your loan to suit your needs to ensure easy repayment.
    Choose from 4 different repayment periods, up to 48 months.
    • *Citibank shall have the final say on the loan amount and repayment period of the loan.
  • Fixed Interest Rates*
    Use your loan for a variety of personal consumption, bulk purchases, hobbies, education, honeymoon vacation... Once approved, your interest rate will be fixed, not impacted by market fluctuations.
    • *According to China Banking Regulatory Committee's regulation, a bank loan shall not be used to buy property, purchase stocks or invest in any equity market.
  • Other Great Features
    Your Financial Partner
    Once you become Citibank's customer, you will have access to our global Wealth Management platform, where you can enjoy more products and services, helping you broaden your horizons and improve your life financially.
How to Apply

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