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With Citi Mobile banking, you're always in control of your money. Citi's mobile banking app lets you check your account balance, learn about the latest offerings, find your nearest branch or locate the nearest ATM, do fund transfers and card repayments instantaneously.

The full array of mobile banking solutions and services lets you stay on the go yet always connected to your finances. To take it one step further, Citi Mobile banking will show you where the nearest dining and shopping privileges are in your vicinity.

Download the Citi Mobile banking app today from iOS App Store or Google Play to enjoy our smartphone banking experience.

Enhanced Mobile Banking App Find My Citi - Mobile Banking App
Enhanced Mobile App
  • New user experience, high resolution, friendly interface, easy operations
  • Both available for iOS and Android system
Find My Citi
  • Search Citibank branches on Baidu Map

  • Find out Citibank Credit Card's best dining and shopping offers using your phone's GPS or mobile data and search nearby areas.

  • Discover and indulge in the best Citibank deals and privileges around you
Free Online Transfer with Citi Mobile Banking App Latest Offers on the Citi Mobile Banking
Free Online Transfer
  • Free and fast transfer to domestic RMB accounts (please check on the Fees& Charges page validity, for the terms & conditions)

  • Free payment from Citibank Debit card or saving account to Citibank Credit Card

Citi Mobile Snapshot
  • Logon Citi Mobile APP to enable snapshot
  • View your balance directly without entering your user id and password.
Download Citi Mobile App Today!
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Please use the operating system as Android 8 or iOS 13 and above to download
Banking on the go.
If your mobile is not iphone or Andriod phone, please visit via your mobile browser.
Functions Citi Mobile APP Mobile Browser
Account Summary
Payment and Transfer*
Open Time Deposit
Change ATM Pin
Card Activation
Temporary Credit Limit Increase
Latest Promotion
ATM/ Branch Locator
Citi Mobile Snapshot
Credit Card Application
Citi World Privileges
* You are required to add a payee via Citibank Online before you can effect a payment via Citi Mobile.
How to Start
Citi Mobile App Download
  • Scan the QR code
  • or search "Citibank CN" to download from your iTunes App Store or Google play
Reminder: Use of any non-Citibank China authorized mobile APP may put your personal information at risk. To protect your personal information, please ensure that you will only download Citibank China authorized Mobile APP.
Or Access with Mobile Phone Browser
Simply type on your mobile phone browser.
How to register
5 easy steps for registration!
Step 1:Choose your registration type.
Step 2: Read Citibank Online Services Terms & Conditions.
Step 3: Fill in your registration information.
Step 4: Input your OTP.
Step 5: Set up your online user ID and password.
•If you register online banking by using your debit card, you will need entering your 16 digit Debit Card number and ATM PIN (APIN).
•If you register online banking by using your credit card, you will need entering you 16 digit Credit Card number, CVV2 number your last 4 digits of ID number.

Forgot your user ID or Password?

  • Click on “forgot your user ID” or “Password” on to request your ID or password
  • For details, call our 24-hour toll-free CitiPhone Banking at 800-830-1880 or
What do I need when I login for the first time?
How do I apply for my Debit /Credit Card?
  • Self Service Fund Transfer function will be opened simultaneously after the customer activates Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Citibank Mobile Banking customer shall acknowledge the risks and is willing to take the risks associated with the transactions conducted via Mobile Banking.
  • For more Internet Security Notice, please log on Citibank Online to view details.