Citibank Global Transfer

Citibank Global Transfer
Overseas remittance to Citibank China instantly!

Citibank Global Transfer Overseas remittance to Citibank China instantly!

Global Money Transfer Online

With Citibank Global Transfer (CGT), you are able to make international fund transfers and receive remittances instantly from Citibank accounts around the word. You or your remitter can do an online fund transfer anytime through Citibank Online instantaneously, inexpensively and without paper work.

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With a click of the mouse, funds will be on its way between China Citibank and overseas Citibank. The account balance will be updated instantly.
You can use the service anytime, anywhere via local Citibank Online banking service.
CGT is free if the money is transferred from Citibank China.
No Paperwork
Compared to the traditional telegraphic transfer, you do not have to visit the branch and fill in forms. You will no longer have to deal with the unnecessary correspondent bank charges and prolonged waiting period, which you may encounter in an international telegraph transfer.
Q1: How to use CGT Service?
Q2: Which accounts can be used as source and destination accounts for CGT to China?
Q3: Is there a transaction limit for CGT transactions?
Answer: Transaction limits are country specific, you need to check with his local Citibank representative.
Transaction limit for Citi Global Transfer in Citibank China:
  • Citi Banking Customers limit is USD 10,000 or equivalent foreign currency amount;
  • Citi Priority Customers limit is USD 25,000 or equivalent foreign currency amount;
  • Citi Gold or CPC Customers limit is USD 50,000 or equivalent foreign currency amount.
Q4: Foreign currencies allowed for CGT transactions?

Answer: Currently in Citibank China, Fund transfer within foreign currencies is allowed, which is USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD.

Q5: Does CGT service to China allow foreign exchange transactions?
Q6: Which are the countries/destinations/account types where CGT service is offered to Citibank China?

How to set up Citi Global Transfer payee?

Click to get started with these simple steps.
  • step 1 Login, access "Transfer&Remittance" tab, and select " Add Payee" of " Manage Payee List".
  • step 2 Select Payee Account Type as "Global Citibank Account"
  • step 3 Input Payee Name, Account Number, Payee Address
  • step 4 Enter an Online Authorization Code via SMS, then activate payee.

How to send money via Citi Global Transfer?

Click to get started with these simple steps.
  • step 1 Login Citibank Online or Citi Mobile, access "Transfer&Remittance" tab, and select CGT Payee to transfer.
  • step 2 Select a foreign currency account as source account.
  • step 3 Confirm if the fund transfer purpose is consistent with the Foreign Exchange Reason you filled in previous "Individual Foreign Exchange Application Form".
    *Note:According to local requlatory, the fund transfer purpose and FX's reason should be consistent.
  • step 4 Input Transfer Amount, BOP transaction Code, Exchange Reason, and Confirm.
  • Citibank Global Transfer provides remittance services between Citibank accounts around the globe.
  • Presently 21 overseas Citibank/Citibank account types offer this service to Citibank China.
  • Presently, Citibank Global Transfer via ATM is only available for Citibank customers of U.S.A and European countries.